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Dental Crowns Vs. Veneers?

Posted by Janice Spada, D.M.D. on Mon, Mar 5, 2018 @ 02:43 PM

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When Dr. Spada first started to practice dentistry, she was located in Wayland. She can be your trusted cosmetic dentist!

Cosmetic Dentistry has grown immensely in the past several years as technologies, procedures and treatments have improved and have been refined. More people are seeking optional cosmetic dental treatments than ever before. The dental office offers several cosmetic procedures to enhance your oral health, boost your confidence and give you the healthy, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Before you begin it’s important to understand some of these options, so you can make the very best choice to achieve your oral health goal.

Teeth that are heavily stained, misshapen, mal-formed, have size discrepancies, have been damaged by trauma or cavities, or are otherwise less ideal for a bright smile are eligible for a variety of cosmetic procedures. The two most common applications dentists like to use to restore these teeth are crowns and veneers. The procedures are similar, but have some significant differences and your dentist will be happy to evaluate what will best suit your needs.

dental-veneer-wayland.jpgCrowns and Onlays

Crowns or “caps” are full coverage restorations that are fantastic options for badly damaged, broken, poorly aligned or mal-formed teeth. As the term implies, a crown completely covers your natural tooth and can be made in any color, shape or size. Typically made from porcelain, a hard, white substance, crowns can withstand excessive forces of chewing and can be placed anywhere in the mouth, including molars. Crowns are relatively thick, so to prepare a natural tooth for a crown the dentist must first reduce its size so the crown will fit properly when it is placed. Once cemented on the prepared tooth, a crown will behave just as a natural tooth would, for chewing, speaking and cosmetic purposes.

Although typically made from porcelain, crowns can be made from alternative materials for various reasons.

Once a tooth has had a crown, it will always need a crown. Also, the natural tooth underneath can still get cavities, so it’s vitally important to take great care of your crowns with proper oral hygiene and regular dental appointments.

Our dental office still use laboratories located in USA to create custom crowns.  We use the iTERO scanner to create digital models of your teeth and are “Goop Free”!  Ask your Wayland area cosmetic dentist today about this technology.



Veneers are wafer thin, tooth colored restorations that cover just the front of the teeth. Ideal for fixing teeth that don’t require big size or shape changes, veneers are great for altering the color and texture of teeth that are in your smile. Because of their thin structure, and that veneers are strictly for cosmetic purposes, they are only placed on teeth in the smile corridor. They cannot withstand the heavier chewing forces that molars are used for. Teeth that are broken or badly decayed cannot be restored with veneers, crowns would be a better option.

Unlike crowns that are only custom made outside the mouth and then cemented in place, veneers can be done a few different ways.

  • A direct veneer is a restoration where the dentist applies tooth colored material to thinly coat the visible surface of the teeth in your smile. They can shape and mold the material to make it look like a beautiful natural tooth. The benefit of this type of veneer is that it typically requires little natural tooth structure to be altered and it can be done in one day. A direct veneer is very functional and cost effective.
  • An indirect veneer is a treatment where the dentist removes a thin layer of the natural tooth, takes and impression, sends it to a lab. The lab fabricates the custom veneer to your desired shape and tooth color and sends it back to your dentists’ office. At a second appointment, the dentist cements the lab fabricated veneer on the natural tooth, resulting in an undetectable, natural looking smile.

With highly trained, aesthetically astute cosmetic dentist, you can rest assured that a comprehensive evaluation of your needs and oral appearance goals will lead to treatment resulting in a beautiful, long lasting and natural outcome.  With so many options available to enhance your smile, we want to leave you feeling confident and happy to flash your brilliant, healthy smile. 


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