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Building Patient Trust 

Posted by Janice Spada, D.M.D. on Tue, Sep 17, 2013 @ 11:35 AM

Marlborough MA Dentist on Patient CareWe believe trust is developed when we handle our patients with care.

Recently I had to accompany my father to the emergency room. During the entire emergency room experience, I started to realize how as health care professionals we can lose sight of why we became healthcare providers.

Waiting excessively, no attention to the patient or the family members while waiting; allowing hours to go by without water.

Professionals fixated on the machines read outs and not the patients emotions. Is this healthcare or a science fair project?

I pride myself in being as compassionate as I can be for my patients. A dentist in Sudbury my patient can easily trust.

I also pride myself in the fact that my staff and I truly attempt to educate the patient with communication and demonstration. As our countries health care attempts to treat all, I am afraid that we may lose sight that our patients are frightened and need to be informed.

When insurance companies dictate the treatment and reimbursement scale with their profit as the goal, the Doctor and patient lose. The economic wave has hit all of us.

As the dental insurance companies continue to decrease their payments, our office has made every effort to cut our overhead. I will continue to provide compassion and education for my patients.

When I feel that the insurance companies cause me to treat patients otherwise, I will need to change my relationship with the insurance company and not my PATIENT.

As health care professionals, we must remember we are dealing with a human and not the dollar sign. The insurance companies and maybe even congress are beginning to lose sight of that.

I will continue my commitment to my patients and walk that talk. Smile and Floss.

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