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What Braces? Invisalign Invisible Braces Says Sudbury MA Dentist

Posted by Janice Spada, D.M.D. on Tue, Apr 22, 2014 @ 01:37 PM

invisalign invisible braces imageIt’s easy to think of cosmetic dentistry as a simple matter of aesthetics, when actually they have practical benefits, too. Take Invisalign invisible braces, for example.

Most of our patients at our Sudbury MA dentist office, cite a more attractive smile as their motivation for seeking treatment with Invisalign.

They’re always pleasantly surprised to discover how having straighter teeth improves oral hygiene.


Straight Teeth = Clean Teeth

If your teeth crowd together, or if you have prominent gaps between teeth, you face a greater risk of developing periodontal disease. Flossing between crowded teeth proves difficult, preventing you from removing all traces of bacteria and food. Plaque forms in these areas, releasing toxins that irritate your gums.

Symptoms of gum disease include bleeding gums, chronic bad breath, and gum tissue that appears red, swollen, or irritated. If you’ve been diagnosed with gum disease, the wires and brackets that come with traditional metal braces may exacerbate the problem until they are removed.

Without excellent hygiene, bacteria living in your mouth cause tooth decay, and you are more susceptible to oral infections. According to the American Dental Association, oral infections are linked with several serious health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and even pneumonia.

You can’t help but wonder whether straightening your teeth with Invisalign could actually save your life!

Straight Teeth = Healthy Jaw

Crooked or unevenly spaced teeth create an imbalanced bite, resulting in uneven wear and tear. This makes teeth more prone to chips, fractures, and sensitivity.

Your bite affects the joints in your jaw, also called TMJs. The condition causes headaches, soreness, locked jaws, and pain that affects your face, jaw, neck, and even your shoulders.

TMJs also make you more likely to grind your teeth during sleep, a condition known as nocturnal bruxism. Invisalign clear plastic aligners gently ease your teeth into their proper position, allowing for a more even distribution of pressure while chewing.

Want straighter teeth in Sudbury, MA? To learn more about Invisalign invisible braces, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Janice Spada, contact our office at (978) 443-3111. We provide cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry to patients living in and around Boston, Framingham, Worcester, Marlborough, and the surrounding cities.

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