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Digital X-Rays: Sharper and Safer says Sudbury, MA Dentist

Posted by Janice Spada, D.M.D. on Fri, Apr 4, 2014 @ 11:05 AM

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If you’ve ever shuddered at the thought of chomping down on a bite wing, you can appreciate that we now use digital x-rays in the office of Dr. Janice Spada, Sudbury MA Dentist.

Digital radiography benefits you, the patient, by improving our ability to more clearly visualize issues affecting your teeth and jaw.

When you need digital x-rays in Sudbury, MA we hope you will think of us first.

Why We Love Digital X-Rays for Dentistry

Even as trained dental professionals, there’s no denying that traditional radiography images aren’t particularly clear. Because we now use digital imaging, the x-rays appear crisp and clear, and can be easily magnified.

It is easier than ever to see cavities, structural problems, or infections deep within teeth. You no longer need to wait for the films to develop, and we view the images almost instantly on a computer monitor.

It’s much faster and easier than trying to view x-rays on a wall-mounted light box. Within moments, Dr. Spada will be able to review the results of your x-ray on a monitor right next to your chair.

Think of the difference between retouching film images compared to making adjustments with a photo-editing program like Photoshop. It becomes infinitely easier to zoom, adjust contrast, and increase brightness to detect even the minutest detail.

If we need to refer to you to a specialist or share information with a dental lab for implants or veneers, we can do so with a click of the mouse—no lugging around oversized film images.

Why Our Patients Love Digital X-Rays

Remember bite wings, those cardboard or plastic-encased films that lodged between your teeth during an x-ray? As anyone with a sensitive gag reflex can tell you, bite wings make for an unpleasant experience.

You can appreciate, then, the new and improved digital imaging process. Instead of films, we use a small, electronic sensor that can be easily placed in your mouth to capture an image.

We know that many of our patients are concerned about the environment, so it’s good to know that switching to digital eliminates the need for film and the chemicals used to process the images.

Digital X-Rays Are Safer, Too

The sensors used to capture digital images are extremely sensitive, so less radiation is needed to generate a viable image of your hard and soft tissues. In fact, radiation exposure is nearly half that of traditional radiography.

However, notes Dr. Spada, even traditional radiography poses little threat to patients. The radiation exposure associated with taking four bitewing x-rays is roughly equivalent to the amount of radiation to which you are exposed during a seven-hour flight. The exposure is even less for digital x-rays systems.

When were your last x-rays taken? To learn more about digital radiography and its benefits, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Janice Spada, contact our Boston area dentist office at 978-443-3111. We welcome patients living in Sudbury, Marlborough, Worcester, Framingham, and the Boston suburbs.

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