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A Sudbury MA Dentist On The Dental Products You Should Buy

Posted by Janice Spada, D.M.D. on Tue, Aug 27, 2013 @ 04:37 PM

sudbury ma dentist on dental products

It is more a question of how to use a product than which product to buy.

Sometimes I am asked what dental floss or toothbrush is the best. My answer is and always will be “The best is the one that you as the patient likes, uses and is happy with.”

If you do not like a floss brand or product; toothbrush brand or product, what real value is my opinion?

My real value to you as your healthcare professional is to EDUCATE you in the proper use of the floss and toothbrush.

My responsibility is to educate and not become the marketing wing for any manufacturer.

The proper use of any toothbrush and or floss will clean your teeth better than any “Super Custom Selected” toothbrush and or floss used incorrectly.

When you purchase a golf club, you may ask “What driver does Tiger Woods use?”. The purchase of that golf club will not make you a better golfer and definitely will not make you play like Tiger Woods.

Educating yourself on the proper use of the driver and practice with the driver is the key to success.

If a mother purchases a Mont Blanc pen for their teenager, she knows that pen will not make her child write like Shakespeare. It is the education and practice while writing with a pen that could allow their child to create poetry that will last the ages.

I do say and feel that some toothpastes are more abrasive than others, but realistically you do not need toothpaste to clean the teeth. Fluoride is the active ingredient you should apply to the teeth.

So in reality Keep it Simple.

Remember to floss daily and brush daily. My dental utopia would love to have everyone floss and brush after every meal.

So smile floss and enjoy the day. Concentrate on the two minutes you are cleaning your teeth and that will be better than any Magic toothbrush I could offer you.

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