New Patient Experience

Every new patient meets exclusively with Dr. Spada for a 90-minute appointment. The initial appointment includes a thorough comprehensive oral examination, including X-rays if required, as well as a prophylaxis. This quality time spent with Dr. Spada not only gives the patient a strong sense of Dr. Spada’s commitment to their oral health plan and also allows the patient to address their individual dental concerns/questions. 

Dr. Spada and her staff are committed professionals who dedicate themselves to educating the patient regarding their dental needs in a welcoming and caring environment.

Patients truly appreciate that Dr. Spada performs the fist appointment and cleaning. Patients are involved in every step of this process. A treatment plan in our office is a collaborative process because Dr. Spada educates the patients and respects their decision for their treatment.


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Dr. Spada looks forward to helping you discover and reveal your perfect smile.  Please do contact our office to schedule your first appointment or call us at 978-443-3111.